Teaching materials

Teaching material: slides and source code (Matlab).

Code Examples

A few examples of Matlab codes (with comments) used for the “Matlab methods” group at the Centre for BrainHealth, Computational Psychiatry Unit (http://www.neurocpu.com/).

Workshop UCL – 01/2015

Slides and (Matlab) code MSc workshop held in UCL , January 2015 (two parts): Download slides. Download code examples, 1 (zip file)- main file: “workshop”. It includes all the examples reported in the first part of the workshop. The neural units are computed as simplified leaky intergrators characterised by a  tanh as transfer function. Download code examples, 2 (zip file)- main …

Talk for the Computational Psychiatry course, UK, 07/2017

Back from the 2017 Annual Computational Psychiatry Course, held in London, July 24-25, 2017 http://www.cpcourse.org/. Time to share the slides of my talk and some extra materials (i.e. the source code), as promised. The original version of my presentation is packed with videos showing simulated neural dynamics, which makes the file too heavy (around 350mb, compressed). Thus, …

Talk for the Computational Psychiatry course, NY, 07/2019

The  2019 Computational Psychiatry Summer Course was held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, July 29-30, 2017 http://www.cpcourse.org/. Here are the slides I have used for my talk in the pre-course “introduction to” day (July 28th) Fiore_Introduction_Copm_Psyc_July2019. The talk was structured into three parts: 1) Introduction to the Bayesian approach; 2) Modelling principles in actions; …

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