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Talk for the Computational Psychiatry course, UK, 07/2017

Back from the 2017 Annual Computational Psychiatry Course, held in London, July 24-25, 2017 Time to share the slides of my talk and some extra materials (i.e. the source code), as promised.

The original version of my presentation is packed with videos showing simulated neural dynamics, which makes the file too heavy (around 350mb, compressed). Thus, below you will find a simple slide version of my talk, whereas the videos are uploaded separately. After each of the initial 5 videos, you can also find the source code used to generate the simulated dynamics. Feel free to contact me to ask for more details.

Slides: VGFiore_ComputationalPsychiatryCourse2017_no_video

Video 1:

Sources to generate Video 1 (zip file): video1_source


Video 2:

Sources to generate Video 2 (zip file): video2_source


Video 3:

Sources to generate Video 3 (zip file): video3_source


Video 4:

Sources to generate Video 4 (zip file): video4_source


Video 5:

Sources to generate Video 5 (zip file): video5_source


Video 6:


Video 7:

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