Houston we have a problem…

This is just because I will keep on saying the truth: animal models ARE predictive for human beings. If you think humans should stop experiments on animals it’s fine (vivisection has been abolished decades ago), just cut the crap about it!
Claim it loud: you want to stop biomedical research.
I’ll find another job.


[Just received: 7 Feb 2014]

Dear ——

I have been contacted by UCL Security who advised me that 2 UCL researchers have been named by an Italian Animal Rights group as having signed a pro-animals in research petition. Although I don’t know which petition, given the researchers are Italian, it may be in relation to the problems experienced last year at the University of Milan. Many Italian scientists signed a declaration supporting animal research, as a result.

One of the scientists is based at IoN. He is Dr Vincenzo Fiore.

I met with UCL Security this morning, and we agree that the individuals concerned should be informed by their line manager that their names have appeared on a list and they should be advised to look out for any unusual emails, phone calls etc. If they receive any, they should contact UCL Security in the first instance.

If they wish to discuss the matter more fully, I suggest that Vincenzo contacts either —– or —– at UCL Security (copied on this email).

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Best wishes


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