Austerity & European politics (a debate in London)

This is a nice debate I had the chance to participate a couple of weeks ago, on June 25th. Andrea Pisauro, who was the first pick as representative of Italian left in London, was out of town and decided to give my name as a candidate to take his place.

To give a bit more of a context, the Greek referendum had not been announced, yet, so we mostly discussed the consequences the policies of austerity had on the several EU countries (mainly Greece, France, UK and Italy, due to the nationality of the guests). Our special focus was on the emergence of ultra-right, xenophobe parties, crisis of welfare state and democracy and possible alternatives to the main stream conservative view of the EU area.

I enjoyed the debate myself, also because I was in the odd position of not being the farthest left guest in the room, which does not happen often (or maybe I am simply getting old and this will happen more frequently in the future?).

Here are the two parts (scusate: non ci sono sottotitoli in italiano!):





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