Far left of centre is not too far

Quick comment on the democratic primaries before entering the science-politics problem (working on it!). It was “Michigan o muerte” on Monday and all the polls predicted death for Bernie. By Tuesday night it was clear the guy is still alive and kicking in what has been considered as the biggest political upset in decades!

It will be again a very tough day next Tuesday, when something short of 700 delegates will be elected in five States.
Meanwhile the debates themselves are very interesting to watch, the two candidates are pushing clear cut different policies, and have serious data in support of their vision. That is, until the God question is asked.

see starting from 1hr, 55min if you want your jaw to drop. I mean it is not like in Italy (or in EU nowadays) things are so much better on that front (if you don’t speak Italian, trust me), but… whatever, let’s go on.

…because things get better: we have an honest man running to be president of the USA, who is not afraid to say that Cuba has a very good health and education system. Both certified by ONU-related international organisations, and despite the embargo! (I’ll save you time: check the Health care in Cuba, and the Education in Cuba).

You can find a list of videos of the complete second debate (this week), held in Miami here. Incidentally, it really seems the US are becoming de facto a bilingual country.


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