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USA 2016: a four-player game in a two party system.

On April 24th I was in New Haven (CT), visiting a friend in Yale. She was kind enough to give me a tour of the odd “Oxbridge” architecture characterising many of the buildings of the University, to kill some time. We were waiting to attend a much anticipated rally of the Sanders Campaign. The bad results of New York behind …

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Far left of centre is not too far

Quick comment on the democratic primaries before entering the science-politics problem (working on it!). It was “Michigan o muerte” on Monday and all the polls predicted death for Bernie. By Tuesday night it was clear the guy is still alive and kicking in what has been considered as the biggest political upset in decades! It will be …

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When predictions collide, part I. Or, on Sanders unconventional economics

Excited about the super Tuesday? I am! So I have decided to focus on an issue that might not make a big difference in terms of who wins and who loses, and yet, it does affect policy making. This is a long story concerning science, politics and their very difficult relation. I had to split it into three …

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More of the same, no more!

(per una rapida analisi del voto: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/02/02/us/iowa-results-analysis.html) Con il voto in New Hampshire alle porte (ma perché votano di martedì?!), qualche commento sulle primarie, nella presunzione che la mia breve (un mese) permanenza a Dallas, Texas, mi permetta una prospettiva diversa da quella di chi si trova nella decadente EU. Penso che uno dei punti …

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