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Elections USA: popular vote, rust belt and the Californian Effect

First things first, I have written another couple of posts in this blog in which I was explaining why I was sure Trump could not win the elections in USA. In a few words I thought that he was going to be perceived as so damaging for the economy, that by the day of the elections the many economic …

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Trump è un Berlusconi, gli USA non sono l’Italia

Le somiglianza ideale dei percorsi e dei personaggi politico-mediatici che caratterizzano Trump e Berlusconi sono state evidenziate sin dalla “discesa in campo“, durante la corsa per le primarie e più di una volta e da testate diverse anche non particolarmente schierate o apertamente conservatrici (anche Stille sin dal 2015, qui in traduzione). Scovare similitudini non richiede un esercizio particolarmente raffinato …

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USA 2016: a four-player game in a two party system.

On April 24th I was in New Haven (CT), visiting a friend in Yale. She was kind enough to give me a tour of the odd “Oxbridge” architecture characterising many of the buildings of the University, to kill some time. We were waiting to attend a much anticipated rally of the Sanders Campaign. The bad results of New York behind …

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